Bob Nelson is President of POWER Retailing.

His passion is to advise and assist retailers with inventory solutions and cash flow strategies.

He has been called “America’s Store Closing Expert” because of his outstanding work with Independent Stores in the USA and Canada, such as Hallmark, Ace Hardware, True Value, Radio Shack as well as thousands of smaller individual retail stores.

He is the author of dozens sales-building strategies featured in SCORE® (Counselors to America's Small Business), The Baltimore Business Journal, Christian Retailing, Entrepreneur, Retailer News, The Pennsylvania Retailer, National Business Association, major trade publications, news articles — and that’s just to name a few.

During his more than 30-year career in helping retailers benefit, Bob has developed a large body of methods and liquidation strategies that can successfully be applied in almost any retail business or professional service.

His marketing, advertising, merchandising and promotional ideas can help owners with proven tools, techniques and selling messages that will generate increased profits and revenues.
From the desk of: Bob Nelson

Most small businesses can’t achieve their GREATNESS because they don’t have a idea or a picture in their mind of what greatness looks like… There’s a lot of ways to get there, but the FIRST STEP is to look outside the box. Once you have a real understanding, you will start to feel better! That’s why we’ve made it so easy, using the essential tools and techniques to achieve maximum results and immediately benefit from what we have created!

“There's a Specialty Store Revolution going on” says Bob Nelson, President, POWER Retailing. "Independent retailers are besieged with a wave of competition: Wal-Mart, factory outlets, and Giant Discounters are blitzing from one side while the Internet is coming from the other direction”.

A recent study discovered a disturbing trend. The survey showed many Main Street Stores have witnessed a 30 percent or more drop in business over the last years. The overwhelming response is that business is tougher and more competitive than ever before. What’s more, owners say, “It is more stressful and less fun."

“Giant retailers suck up dollars like a vacuum cleaner,” Bob says. “The small retailer just can't match the multi-billion dollar giants who seize the majority of the consumers' expendable dollars."

Many financial experts predict that within the next five years, stores now accounting for half of all retail sales will disappear through closures, bankruptcies, mergers, and reorganizations.

With slow sales, many retailers have lost their self-confidence and don't know what works anymore. They don't take the right steps, recognize new opportunities, or have a strategy to take action. With their life savings tied up in business, many are too proud or reluctant, and fighting to let go.

That’s why smart retailers are increasingly looking for real solutions rather than just free advice. They want a relationship with consultants who are qualified to give definitive and workable solutions to their biggest business and sales challenge.

Bob Nelson says, “America’s retail industry is grossly overbuilt with a sea of merchandise at low prices. This is a ‘wake up call’ offering eye-opening and detailed ideas for success. Those wedded to the same old way of doing things are almost sure to fail and fall victim to lost opportunity."
Maggie O'Shaughnessy's (Phoenix) needed to merge two store locations.  Using our power-packed plan, we developed an integrated, three-pronged sales approach that increased their sales by 358% and recovered 100% of the cost of their inventory.
J & L Golf (Bonita Springs, FL) hired POWER Retailing to conduct its Retirement / Going Out of Business Sale. Using our high-impact marketing pieces, the inventory and store fixtures were profitably liquidated in just a few short weeks.
Faye's (Montrose, CA), a popular ladies' apparel and accessory store, hired POWER Retailing to plan and execute a going-out-of-business sale after 50 years in business.  Our customer-winning liquidation system catapulted sales threefold, generating massive profits and exceeding the owner's expectations.
Recover Up to 100 - 150% of Cost of Inventory
Gorman's (Oakland, CA) was a 127-year-old furniture store.  Tired of the severe competition from large discounters, the owners called POWER Retailing to help them plan and organize a successful Liquidation / Store Closing Sale.  With the proceeds generated from the sale they bought a new home and moved to Florida.
Harvard Clothing (Barre, VT), an upscale men's store, was in business for 76 successful years. Utilizing POWER Retailing's store closing liquidation system, the store produced record breaking sales and profits – quickly selling inventory, fixtures and equipment to the bare walls.
Major Resort Hotel (St. Pete Beach, FL): A well-known women's apparel and swimwear store needed to raise a large cash flow and reduce inventory. Having POWER Retailing implement the marketing process, the store was able to stop the drain on its assets, balance inventory and successfully update its retail operations.
Liberty (Vancouver, Canada), a home décor and furniture store, had POWER Retailing implement a high-impact sales promotion to increase market share and help expand their future position. Our sales-driven strategy dramatically increased sales, created strong traffic flow, doubled revenues and brought immediate results.
Massin’s (Houston, TX), a large office-supply, stationery and better luggage store, hired POWER Retailing to conduct a Retirement Sale. After 25 years, the store was faced with the explosive growth of mega-malls and superstores. Using our 3-pronged marketing approach, the Retirement Sale recouped full value of the store's assets, and all stock and fixtures were sold.
Ace Hardware and OK Lumber (Fairbanks, Alaska) used POWER Retailing to liquidate its assets. The business was known as the largest local hardware store for over 30 years. In the "old days" people used to say what a wonderful store it was. But today, families take advantage of the new shopping centers to shop at giant discounter hardware stores.
Lokker Rutgers (Holland, MI) was front page news when the famous men’s and women’s apparel store closed its doors after 116 years. Because of slow sales and the changing economy, POWER Retailing was called in to help the owners execute the final marketing process and exit strategy.
Outdoor Traditions (Dawsonville, GA) was a 25,000-square-foot megastore in the metro Atlanta area, selling outdoor apparel, hunting and fishing gear, home décor and gifts. Reorganization was not possible, so POWER Retailing led a successful liquidation strategy to sell all inventory at the highest price to the public.
Teaching World & Toys (Laguna Niguel, CA) specialized in selling teaching materials and toys. Because of high rent and overhead, the owners called POWER Retailing to help them conduct a successful Retirement Sale.  Average daily sales increased 2.5 times normal and the event realized excellent results.
Boise Golf & Tennis (Boise, ID) was known for the best service and the finest apparel and sporting goods in town. After many years of running a profitable business, the super golf / discount stores came to this fast-growing town -- so the owners decided to have POWER Retailing help them retire and successfully close their store.
Fancy Pants (Camas, WA): After years of owning a beautiful high-end children's boutique, the owners decided to call it quits and start a new internet business. In just a few short weeks, using POWER Retailing's liquidation system, the sale generated a whirlwind of excitement -- selling the entire inventory and store fixtures at a profit.
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